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27 NOV 2020 - 1800 CET



This amazing talk was first delivered at the IATEFL BESIG conference in November 2020 and now, due to popular demand, Rachel Paling is offering everyone the opportunity to listen to this amazing talk, live and online with free entry.

Find out what Black Swan events are and how neuroscience and knowing the brain can help us with these events, trauma, habits and change.

**** Please note that there is no certificate of attendance or recording available for this free talk. ****

Talk delivered by:



Efficient Language Coaching

Author, Neuroscientist, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Polyglot, Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching® and Director of Efficient Language Coaching Global

About Rachel Paling

“I believe that a deeper comprehension will lead to humanity communicating together in a totally different way and developing new ways of living and moving forward through the 21st century…” - Rachel Paling

Rachel Marie Paling founded Efficient Language Coaching Global in 2008 and created the Neurolanguage Coaching® concept based on the introduction of the principles of neuroscience as well as the structure and principles of coaching in the language learning process.

Over 35 years ago, Rachel started teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults. She later obtained a BA Honours in Law and Spanish (with distinction in spoken Spanish) at the University of Sheffield (UK) and then went on to do a Masters in Human Rights and Democratization (EMA) at the University of Padua, Italy and Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.Rachel continued her studies and qualified as a UK Lawyer in 2003, but instead of pursuing a career as a lawyer, she decided to combine her teaching experience, her specialisation in business English and her legal knowledge to coach top executives across Europe.

The creation of the Neurolanguage Coaching® concept emerged through her own experience of teaching languages over the past 35 years. This combined with her own experience of learning languages, namely French, Spanish, Italian, German, and some Catalan, with basics of Arabic and Russian and a hunger to learn more, such as Chinese.

In March 2020, Rachel completed her Masters in Applied Neuroscience and continues to study Neuroscience to develop and enhance her knowledge.

In addition, her own personal development as a life coach over the last 10 years and her burning interest in what the world is now discovering through modern neuroscience about the brain and how the brain functions, reacts and learns – have all contributed to the creation of this concept and method. Using this the Neurolanguage Coaching® method, Rachel has trained over 700 language teachers worldwide, certifying them as Neurolanguage Coaches – certified by taking training courses offered by Efficient Language Coaching Global - which are some of the only language coaching certification courses in the world accredited by International Coach Federation USA.

Rachel now delivers this course to teachers of all disciplines with a continuing vision and mission to transform and enhance the learning process.

The most fascinating driver for Rachel has been seeing and experiencing better learning results from her own clients. Testimonials from many of the language teachers who have certified with Rachel and have become Neurolanguage coaches, are, in turn, witnessing better results from their clients.